JUMP! staff are professionally trained and highly motivated people who enjoy challenges and love working with youth! 

Our program staff have certifications in wilderness first aid and complete rigorous internal training every spring in climbing wall management, lake-water canoeing and rescue, high ropes course operations and rescue, wilderness navigation, and backcountry camping. Our staff are skilled and curious leaders trained in challenge activity facilitation, debrief and discussion facilitation, and personal leadership activities and reflections.

Jade Legault, Director

Lucky to have been born in the small seaside town of Gaspé, Québec and raised in the bustling futuristic city of Singapore, Jade has always been captivated by joy thriving in unexpected places. Thanks to a collegiate degree in adventure tourism, a bachelors in theatre for development and a masters in outdoor education, they’ve dived deep into how to relate to themselves, others and the world around them. They have had the opportunity to hold a vast array of roles in their career – from teaching theatre, to being the artistic director of a feminist theatre festival, to implementing sustainability education programs, the central theme has always been education. They find joy in conquering rapids on white water paddling trips, skiing down mountain slopes, and climbing rugged terrain. They also find solace in reading, writing, and meditation. Their ultimate mission is to revolutionize the educational system, enabling today’s youth to become tomorrow’s trailblazers in an ever complexifying world.

Carol Fisher, Operations Manager

Carol lives in beautiful BC, Canada where she loves to explore the natural world through her work and play. Her career journey includes many years of providing experiential education for youth through Educo Adventure School (now JUMP! Canada) along with 17 years on faculty in the Outdoor Recreation Management Department at Capilano University in North Vancouver. Carol’s work adventures also include being the office manager and yoga therapist in a wellness clinic in the interior of BC. Her favorite activities are hiking, biking, paddling, cross country skiing, gardening and preparing healthy whole foods! She enjoys a regular yoga and meditation practice and loves to live a simple life and care for the earth. Carol is passionate about climate action and sustainability and loves working with like minded people to inspire future changemakers! 

Chris Winkle, Site Manager

Hi there, My name is Chris Wrinkle, I’m a 22 year old currently living in the beautiful Cariboo, BC. I was born and raised in the Bahamas for most of my life until I moved to Vancouver at 15 and eventually to Lethbridge, Alberta to complete my degree for agricultural sciences. Being outdoors is an absolute pleasure for me, from surfing on sandy beaches, to climbing mountain peaks as an Educo student. Educo (JUMP! Canada) has provided me a place to truly be myself and I can’t wait to share experiences with new students!  

Rebecca Davies, Kitchen Manager 

Rebecca is a newcomer to Jump! and moved to the camp this summer from Vancouver Island with her dog, Blue. With a love of baking, cooking, and a practice of creating spaces of comfort, the Educo kitchen allows her freedom to express herself through food and provide sustenance support to the many staff and youth who come to the camp. As well as many years of kitchen experience, she also has a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria and was a Special Education Educator for almost a decade, which allows her to carry a trauma-informed lens and a passion for inclusion and empathy. Outside of the kitchen, she is a multi-media artist focused on recreating natural worlds and an avid nature explorer keen on learning more about her new surroundings.

Brigid Mueller, Program Manager 

Brigid has been coming to Educo nearly every summer since she was 13 (is now 23) and learning to love the outdoors at such a young age inspired her to get her Adventure Guiding Diploma at TRU (Thompson Rivers University). She deferred the first year of the program to a sister school in Iceland where she learned technical rope rescue systems in swiftwater and glacial environments. In her second year (back in canada now), she broke off in to a rock climbing specialty, and has spent her years since graduating working on many different high ropes/zipline/challenge courses. Whether on top of a mountain, on top of a cliff or suspended in mid air, she has a special love for being in high places and firmly believes getting that different perspective allows people to renew their perspectives on their lives. Brigid has about 4 years experience leading kids in various settings and is certified as a wilderness first responder and flatwater canoe instructor.

Cassandra Mitchell, Program Manager 

Cass is a true Third Culture Kid who was raised traipsing across Asia and the Americas. She earned a bachelor’s degree with a double major in Literature and Political Science from New York University’s campus in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She currently splits her time between Thailand and Jump’s Educo site helping run transformational programming for students all around the world. In her free time, she loves reading, writing, and learning whenever she can. Be it new knots, climbing techniques, languages, or fun facts about the world around her, she’s always keen to learn new things! That love of learning has transformed into a deep passion for teaching and belief in the power of education to unlock doors. She hopes to spend the rest of her life making high quality learning experiences accessible to communities in every corner of the globe.

Mark Corsetti, Facilitator

I’m Mark Francesco! I grew up in Whitby, Ontario amongst a big Italian family. We shared meals and cooked together, went on road trips, and danced and laughed and played games at Italian festivals. I am proud of my Italian roots and heritage. When I graduated high school, I moved to Toronto and started my degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education. I also came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community. When I was in school I played sports like basketball and soccer, practiced yoga/meditation, participated in a dance movement called Vogue Femme, and started learning and teaching Astrology. Overall, I am eccentric and silly and love to laugh! You can find me frolicking, mumbling, running, adventuring, and just enjoying all the beauty that is Life! 

Domenic Skeltcher, Facilitator

Domenic’s place of birth is the beautiful Vancouver island on the west coast of British Columbia. Passionate about whitewater kayaking, expedition climbing and scuba diving, he has explored many of the incredible environments our world shares. Using the outdoors as a transformative space he hopes to pull people into the wilderness, where the joy of the mountains and sorrows of the seas fill the heart. He looks forward to connecting with you and embarking on this adventure together! 

Past staff

Matilda McGirr

Hi, I’m Matilda and I’m from Williams Lake. I’m an avid skier, hiker, and paddler but I always have a book in my back pocket for the downtime. 

I’ve been involved with Educo for the past 14 years, both as a student and a staff member. My time here has been very important in shaping who I am and how I interact with the world. My hope is to create the “Educo magic” for everyone this summer. I’m really excited to meet you and share this time together. 

See you soon and don’t forget to pack an extra pair of socks!

Board of Directors

Our board is a team of passionate and committed people who provide organizational leadership and oversight for JUMP! Canada’s activities. They provide direction and reflect and advise on continual quality improvement of JUMP Canada’s programming and operations.

While this team aims to be proactive rather than reactive, they solve problems and respond supportively as needed. They value a diversity of viewpoints in their strategic leadership. The board works hard to promote organizational stability, continuity, consistency, and forward thinking.
If you are interested in working with this dedicated team, please contact us at

Stuart Clark
Board Chair
Kris Archie
Board Member
Stefanie Block
Board Member