Through a strategic partnership between Educo Adventure School and the JUMP! Foundation, JUMP! Canada was created to provide transformational programs tailored to youth. This partnership (initially made possible by the wonderful Monica Davis) has allowed for impact expansion for both organizations, creating a leading force for youth transformation based in Canada.

The JUMP! Foundation was started 12 years ago in Southeast Asia by an inspired Educo alumnus. It is an international social enterprise that utilizes experiential education to inspire and empower young people to engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We at JUMP! Canada believe experiential education is a powerful tool for helping youth engage with their local and global communities. We use experiential education to create transformation and empower others through our three streams of programming:

1. JUMP! Connected

2. JUMP! Schools

3. JUMP! Experiences at the Educo Adventure School

Together we deliver programs that spark personal development, strengthen community and increase global awareness of participants.


A world in which individuals have the power to realize their passions and potential.


INSPIRE individuals through transformational experiences.

EMPOWER individuals with skills and resources to create positive impact.

ENGAGE Engage individuals with local and global communities.