What Happy Adventurers
Have to Say!



“We picked up Rachel on Saturday from Educo and she is a whole new kid and had the time of her life. Thank you!! Now her sister would like to sign up for next summer.”

Parent, Summer 2022

“The programs at Educo Adventure School are unique in the Cariboo-Chilcotin and have immense impact upon individual growth and maturity.”

Community Health Nurse for the Xeni Gwet’in Band in the Nemiah Valley, BC

“The program at Educo blasted away my cynicism, and forced me to confront myself, head-on… the program demanded of me a love, a passion and a respect for everything I could touch and feel in others and in myself.”

Jordan Tucker, Student, Age 15

“The positive impact of the Pathfinder course has been evident in Simon’s behaviour. He is more mature, thoughtful (as in reflective inwardly and outwardly), and communicative. He has been loving and appreciative. I am so proud of him!!”

Allison Baxter, parent

“Programs that help you snap out of your usual comfort zones – so that you can stretch and expand in all different kinds of directions in really fun and challenging and exhilarating ways – so that you can experience and know soooo much more of who you really are.”

Volunteer and past board member

“A place where anyone, of any age, can take some risks, have a whole lot of fun, face some scary moments and find out, for themselves, what they are made of. Our daughter spent thirteen summers there. If we had more children, we would have sent the lot of them.”

Sarah Fleury, Alumni´s Parent