We are looking for vibrant, adventure seeking, energetic people to join our team of staff! For more information check out:

Volunteer at JUMP!

Our programs wouldn’t be possible without dedicated, energetic and curious volunteers. Volunteers not only enrich our work with their time and efforts but also with their unique perspectives and personalities. Every year we are honoured and grateful to receive a wide range of assistance from volunteers from far and wide. We would love to see YOU join our team as a volunteer for as much time as you have to give!

Here are some of the many benefits in joining the JUMP! team as a volunteer –

– Connect to a community of spirited, welcoming, hard-working, and fun human beings!

– Learn new skills, from fixing a canoe on clean-up weekend to facilitating a discussion group with kids!

– Take a personal time out from the digital world to be under starry skies with no sounds of traffic!

– Dive into the process of transformational learning by participating in JUMP! activities!

Contact us today!

Fall Clean-up Weekend

We would love for you to join us on September 16-17, 2023 to help us close the Educo site for the season! Between projects and packing we’ll share scrumptious meals, dance at dish parties and enjoy stories and laughs around the fire pit!

No experience necessary! Just fill out this registration form to let us know you’re coming so we make sure we have enough food!

Home Team

Become a part of keeping our site operational and everyone fed and happy! The home team plays a critical role in creating the magic and energy of our programs.

Home team jobs include:

  • Food prep for meals and out-trips
  • Assist with dish parties
  • Site repairs, construction projects
  • Get creative! Organize skits, swamp adventures, treasure hunts.

If you’re looking for a way to be more involved with JUMP! we highly recommend you start by joining the home team!

Program Volunteers

We welcome volunteers to assist our facilitation teams!

This is the perfect place to offer mentorship to students and learn from JUMP! facilitators.

Program volunteers can expect to:

  • Assist in a variety of program areas depending on skill level
  • Assist in facilitating discussions and debriefing activities
  • Play games and inspire positive group culture

We are looking for candidates with energy and enthusiasm to join us as a program volunteer!